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Hungry Voice is an advanced cloud communication system that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to support business telecommunications and improve the inbound callers experience.
Hungry Voice follows secure standards and compliance to ensure safe operations and taking care of user data privacy.
Hungry Voice is a carrier grade telephony platform to route calls from anywhere in the U.S. to a dedicated phone number selected by the Subscribers. Every phone number has multiple call paths to manage inbound calls within our interactive voice system. Subscribers on Hungry Voice can set specific Media or Messages to play or advance calls to internal or external extensions. All numbers can be enabled with call recording, datasets, and search functions allowing the audio or text to be used for training staff or improving the A.I. response systems. With AI enabled, Hungry Voice will listen and respond accordingly to caller demands, just like any other familiar bot service, the Hungry Voice system has varying levels of Natural language processors and Machine Learning features. Hungry Voice can also work with existing numbers by porting them over to our network, adding all the benefits of this platform to traditional numbers.
Hungry Voice can be used in any industry that is looking for the following features
  • Creates a professional auto attendant to capture why people are calling
  • Redirect calls to more efficient order taking methods.
  • Manage overflow during busy hours
  • Provide a more informative message while screening callers
  • Records calls for improving how staff handles customers
  • Can be interconnected to Hungry Text for Ordering by Phone.
Hungry Voice benefits your business by helping you
  • You can stop missing important calls
  • Block unwanted calls or robo dialers,
  • Manage incoming call flows better, with selective call forwarding.
  • You can stop giving out mobile or personal numbers, choose a local or Toll Free number.
  • Allows you to record incoming calls to listen and improve customer services and training bots.
  • You can Call screen to help reduce unwanted interruptions.
  • Reduce wait time by creating an FAQ for quicker responses.
  • Hungry Voice allows users to select a vanity number in either local or Toll free Area Codes.
  • Hungry Voice can help you improve your company image with a professional greeting or media play.
  • Hungry Voice gives your business the power of AI and Machine Learning to support incoming calls.
  • You can also permanently block unwanted calls. Keeping your lines available for calls that matter to your business.
  • Leverage API and Caller ID to identify callers
  • Hungry Voice is an affordable and extremely customizable solution, unlike other platforms that are rigid in their design, our solution is developed to support a growing number of customized APIs and Use Cases.
  • Hungry Voice has a team of developers ready to modify and or customize the solution to meet the demands of many businesses.
  • Hungry Voice is a self service model platform, which is simple to use.
  • Users can register online, select and activate a new number, and route that call within minutes all in real-time.
  • Once a Subscriber has selected their number, they can immediately start using the call forwarding option and the call recording option to screen callers.
  • Our team is on hand to support the advanced feature of building a multi-layered IVR or Call Flow that supports each unique need.

ACCOUNT  Have Questions ?

To reset your password, go to Account then Profile and then click on Edit action.
An account is blocked because of payments. A user can login to their dashboard but can’t be able to use it if they have not paid their dues.
A subscriber package enables you with 1 phone number and 500 incoming minutes which can also be forwarded to your local or mobile number. You can set up a greeting and custom call flow to screen callers or manage call routing to more than one destination.
Our Affiliates can earn money from incoming calls to numbers that they advertise online.
To learn more about our affiliate program, send us an email to
You can send us a request via our support team.
Let's hope that doesn't happen, but you can port the number away or we will suspend all incoming calls to you.
Contact us at if you can not reset your password.

NUMBERS  Have Questions ?

Initially selecting and buying a new Local or Toll Free Number is done during the onboarding process (Registration).
Furthermore to purchase/add another number you can do that from the dashboard and from My Numbers. My Numbers can be accessed from “My Numbers” on the navigational Menu on top.To add an existing number, you can choose to port in your number onto the system.
As a user, you have an option to switch off your number by changing status to off.
Go to My Numbers > My Numbers > change status to Off.
Yes, you can port-in your number to Hungry Voice.
The procedure to port in a number is
Go to My Numbers on Menu, Select Port IN Orders. Click on NewPort-In Order and follow the three steps order submission process.
The procedure to port in a number is
Go to My Numbers on Menu, Select Port IN Orders. Click on New Port-In Order and follow the three steps order submission process.
  • Check number for availability of portability
  • Provide proof with letter of authorization
  • Submit your order (either payment with new/existing/HV balance)
A vanity number is a local or toll-free telephone number for which a subscriber requests an easily remembered sequence of numbers for marketing purposes. While many of these are phonewords (such as 1-800-Flowers, 313-DETROIT, 1-800-Taxicab or 1-800-Battery), occasionally all-numeric vanity phone numbers are used.
CPS means calls per second. This is the number of incoming calls per second.
Hungry Voice gives a subscriber 2 CPS (Calls per Second) with 10 Voice channels and an affiliate gets 10 CPS (Calls per Second) with 100 Voice channels. Voice channels are a limit to the number of calls that can be connected.
In this case, 10 calls are coming in every second. This will go on till the number of calls connected reaches 100, any call after that would be rejected unless the number of connected calls lower to allow more calls to be connected.
We require a primary number for your account. Without a number you won’t be able to run calls on the system.
Your calls won’t be recorded.


A Call Flow is a series of steps in a call that helps you in interacting with your customer in a better way.
These steps allow you to
  • play a media file of your choice for them,
  • engage with question answering sessions, and have their responses (both dtmf or voice) recorded for later analysis or call to action.
  • Keep them updated by running an advertisement to one, many or specific, users.
  • Easily Forward your calls to another number.
  • Record every call when so that your don't miss out on anything
  • Have a smart agent automatically respond and perform actions while you're away
There is no limit, you can create as many call flows as you need.
Number tags are used to identify your call flow category.
For an affiliate member this helps our system in machine learning and AI.
Number tags help in categorizing incoming call flows.
NLP (Natural Language Processing) is a feature to add speech recognition within your call flow. Hungry Voice has a built in agent that uses the power of artificial intelligence. It can smartly interact with your customers to help them through call flows that you built. So instead of being glued to the phone or having to hire more workforce, you can simply create your own flow, assign an agent and relax.
Either it be working hours or off hours, the assigned agent is live for you.
To upload a media file for your call flow, go to Configure > Media > Actions > Upload File
From your dashboard, click on Configure box and select a call flow.
You can unlink a call flow from MY Number(s) - > My Number.


The Money that you earn from Hungry Voice can be withdrawn after your total amount has reached the designated threshold value. A request is sent to us for verification and approval. Upon approval you will get an email and you can withdraw your money.Money can be transferred to your bank account.
Go to Billing on the navigational Menu, then Payments and click on My Earnings Tab. This will show you stats of how much you have earned.
Go to Account on the navigational Menu, then click on Profile. Click on Edit below Billing Info. Here you can edit your existing billing info and also add a new billing info.
The card information taken during the registration process is not saved. In future updates we will introduce tokenization, however if you make a payment from a card then you can add your card from going to Billing in the navigational menu then Payments and then Credit Card(s) tab. There you can add a new card and make a payment (one-time).
Your invoice is emailed to you and is also present on your account.
To view your invoice from within the system, go to Billing on the menu and then go to Invoices. Here you can view a list of invoices and also download it in pdf format.
The same invoice document is sent to you in email on your given email address.Make sure your email is verified. One way to check is through the notification that appears on your dashboard if you’ve not verified your email.
If your email is incorrect then change your email from within the system and verify your email address.
To change your email address from within the system, go to Account on the menu then Profile and edit to change your email address.
If your email is correct and also verified then check your spam/junk email. If you are still facing problems then you can contact our support center.
Any setting related to payment can be seen from the Payment tab under Billing in the navigational menu.

REPORTS  Have Questions ?

Go to your dashboard then